Animal rights activists hold funeral for turkeys in supermarket

Image: Direct Action Everywhere

Thursday, December 12, 2019

An animal rights activism group has held a funeral for Christmas turkeys being sold at a supermarket in Brighton.

Members of Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) wore all black as they held a moment’s silence in protest of the “violence of a traditional Christmas meal”.

They stood with signs bearing images of a turkey slaughterhouse in the meat aisle of a Sainsbury's branch in East Sussex.

Another sign claimed that 10 million turkeys were killed at Christmas in the UK.

A DXE spokesman said: “We use the method of disruption to draw immediate attention to the beings who were killed for their bodies to be on a shelf.

“We are targeting the system of speciesism and aiming for systematic change rather than targeting individuals.”

A spokesman for Sainsbury's confirmed a small group visited their Brighton store for a brief time and moved on peacefully.

In October DXE staged a gruesome tableau which saw campaigners locked in cages and “experimented” on in a protest against animal testing.

Two protesters, dressed in skin-coloured clothing, looked out at passers-by before being hauled out by one of their associates dressed in a lab coat.

The group has also previously demonstrated in fast food chain Five Guys as well as outside the Metropolitan Police headquarters.

On their website they describe fast food giant McDonald’s as being “known for its cruelty burgers, fattening fries and cows mammary gland milkshakes”.

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