Anjem Choudary: 'Media shouldn't have given him a platform', says London Imam

Anjou Choudary was convicted alongside Mohammed Mizanur Rahman

Anjou Choudary has been convicted of encouraging others to support the Islamic State

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

London Imam Ajmal Masroor has claimed the media should not have given Anjem Choudary so much publicity, after the news he has been convicted of encouraging others to support the Islamic State. 

Choudary was arrested in 2014, after pledging allegiance to Islamic State, and was convicted alongside confidant Mohammed Mizanur Rahman. Police said many jihadists had been influenced by his speeches and lectures, including a number who had been tried for serious terror offences.

Masroor explained his belief that there is a problem with the media, asking: "Who gave him the platform? It's the media.

"He did so much damage to our country, community and relationship. The man should have been behind bars a long time ago.

"This guy was preaching hatred, in many ways he was actually spreading many type of hatred, including Islamophobia, but we did nothing about it.

"We need to become smarter to protect our freedom. One [aspect to consider] is the media responsibility for giving him the platform. Broadcasters need to take responsibility for accurately depicting what they're talking about."

This led on to some disagreement between Julia and Masroor over facts she had presented, listen to the full audio to hear it