Ann Widdecombe on Brexit: 'We don't need concessions from the EU - just get on with it!"

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Former MP Ann Widdecombe has said that Theresa May should “just get on with” Brexit, and that the UK “doesn’t need” concessions from the EU.

As Mrs May continues to fight for her deal, which has faced opposition from the several MPs and the DUP - which has threatened to “revisit” its support for the Conservative party if the deal gets through parliament - Ms Widdecombe told Dan Wootton that securing concessions from the EU shouldn’t matter.

“We voted to come out of Europe, and we shouldn’t now be saying we’ll be tied to their rules forever,” she said.

“That is out of the question. And when we trumpet and say ooh look but we’ve got this wonderful concession that we can trade on our own with the rest of the world, that was one of the whole points of coming out of Brexit; it just goes with the territory.

“We don’t need a concession, we’re leaving on the 29th March, it doesn’t matter if they concede or not. That I think is what Theresa May has lost sight of.”


'We've raised the white flag'

Wootton asked whether she was “concerned” about how Brexit negotiations had been “tearing the country apart”, but she said she was more worried about being “ground down” by the EU.

‘I am very concerned about its impact on the country, but the thing I’m concerned about is not the impact of Brexit on the country, it’s the impact of how we’ve allowed ourselves to be ground down with endless delays and endless conditions, and we’ve run up the white flag every time,” she said.

“I think the crucial thing is we now say… ‘right, we just leave on the 29th March and Prime Minister, your duty is to ensure the maximum amount of stability possible, get on with it, Prime Minister’.”

Mrs May is set to meet with Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk on Sunday, before a summit with EU leaders where she hopes to drum up support for her Brexit deal, which would see the UK enter a 21-month transition period in which it is still bound by EU rules.