Ann Widdecombe to stand for Brexit Party

Ann Widdecombe

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ann Widdecombe has announced she will stand as a candidate for the Brexit Party in the European elections.

Writing in the Express, the former Conservative MP said a return to politics was the "last thing" she wanted, but felt it was necessary in order to support the "will of the people".

"The public needs to send a very clear message and that is we expect the vote to be respected so just get on with the job of getting us out of the EU,” she said.

"If I am elected in Brussels my message to Juncker and company will be very simple, very loud and very clear. Nous allons (we go)."

Ms Widdecombe, who has been retired since 2010, has been a Conservative Party member for 55 years.

"What the Remain campaign failed to achieve by fear must not be achieved by fatigue," she added.

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