Ann Widdecombe: Women should not embrace the 'cult of victimhood'

Ann Widdecombe

Monday, November 19, 2018

Ann Widdecombe clashed with Badass Women's Hour host, Harriet Minter, over whether there should be a quota for the number of women required in Parliament.

The former Conservative politician claimed women should not embrace "the cult of victimhood" by asking men for "special consideration".

"In my day every single one of us had got there by beating off all the competition in the same way that the men had," Ms Widdecombe said.



"None of us had our paths artificially smoothed. That is patronising, that is insulting and in the end it makes us second class citizens."

Host Minter interjected, but was shut down by Ms Widdecombe, who threatened to end the interview.

"If you won't even listen, we'll just end," she said. "I don't find this funny, I consider this a serious subject".

Ms Widdecombe argued that "all-women shortlists" and "quotas" were undermining the achievements of women.


'Forget it dear, it's an insult'

"Once you have quotas, once you have all-women shortlists, or whatever measures you take to try and artifically smooth the paths of women, then they haven't got there on the same basis as the men."

She continued: "We've got a woman head of the judiciary, we've got a woman head of the Metropolitan Police, we've got women absolutely everywhere in senior positions.

"We have actually won the battle, and now what we're doing is embracing the cult of victimhood and saying that we need from the men special consideration. Forget it dear, it's an insult."