Anna Soubry: Brexit Party is 'Mr Farage's ego trip'

Anna Soubry

Friday, May 17, 2019

Anna Soubry has claimed the Brexit Party is Nigel Farage's "ego trip".

The Change UK spokesperson for Brexit and justice said she did not think the politician represented the UK "at all".

When asked by talkRADIO's Julia Hartley-Brewer whether she felt her fledgling party had "been outplayed" by the Brexit Party, Ms Soubry replied: "Oh good lord, the Brexit Party is Mr Farage's ego trip, that is what that's all about.

"He has got a great deal of money and of course he is a very lively character."

She continued: "Trouble is with Nigel Farage, he has hold [sic] some extremely unpleasant views and I don't think he represents our country at all in that respect. That is my view about him."

Change UK is putting forward 70 MEP candidates in the upcoming EU elections.

The party will fight competitors from a range of parties, including the Conservatives, Brexit Party, Labour, Green Party, Liberal Democrats and English Democrats.

There are 73 seats available split between 12 regions. 

"I didn't join Change UK or create it for any other reason than I genuinely believe that British politics is broken, and I think that extends to all the main political parties," Ms Soubry added.

"I do believe in changing British politics and that is why we needed this new party do things in a new way, to bring about the change to our broken politics, to fix it. That, I think millions of people across our country desperately want."

To see the full list of MEP candidates, click here.

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