Anna Soubry MP: Protesters who confronted me were an 'very unpleasant, criminal bunch'

Anna Soubry MP: Protesters who confronted me were an 'very unpleasant, criminal bunch'

Conservative MP Anna Soubry confronted outside of Parliament by protesters. Image: Femi Oluwole/Twitter

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Conservative MP Anna Soubry described the protesters that confronted her on Monday as “criminal” and “bully-boys”, after they followed her and called her a “Nazi”.

The Metropolitan Police has since confirmed it has opened an investigation into whether any offences had been committed by the protesters.

The MP for Broxtowe told talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes: “I was rattled yesterday and it was not a very pleasant experience at all. But, you have to carry on and do your work – you must not give into these people.

“They are a very small minority and they certainly don’t represent the overwhelming majority of people that voted Leave in the referendum.

“It is important to see them for what they are – they are a very small, very unpleasant, criminal bunch.

“They have been roaming around Westminster breaking the law for the last month or so.

“The problem is that the police should have intervened and that is the problem.”


'A bunch of bully-boys'

Soubry added that she was not interested in their views because of their behaviour.

“It is a bunch of bully-boys that want to close down debate. They want people like me that they don’t agree with, to shut up,” she said.

“They want broadcasters going about their own lawful business to stop doing it.

“They are thugs so I am really not interested in their views. Now the views of my constituents and beyond that – absolutely – I always want to hear their views.”

She added: “We are decent, moderate people in Broxtowe.”


'Deeply offensive' 

The pro-Remain MP said the police had made “a big error” in their handling of Monday’s incident, adding that it was not just her who was targeted.

She said: “[Sky’s] Faisal Islam is subjected to racial abuse in December. Yesterday, a police officer was subjected to racist abuse from some of these people.

“They then went on to call me a Nazi, which I find deeply offensive and I don’t think that is acceptable.”

She added: “I think the Met now will do their job. I think their view is that they don’t intervene.

“They stand and they watch it but they would not intervene. I think that they get that it is your right to go about your lawful business, no matter who you are.

“I do not have a problem with a good robust debate, especially with my constituents.”