Anna Soubry protected by police as she was accused by pro-Brexit protesters of being 'on the side of Hitler'

Anna Soubry protected by police as she was accused by pro-Brexit protesters of being 'on the side of Hitler'

Conservative MP Anna Soubry was confronted by 'yellow vest' protesters who accused her of being 'on the side of Adolf Hitler'. Image: Mike Stuchbery/twitter

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Conservative MP Anna Soubry was escorted by two police officers after she was surrounded by pro-Brexit “yellow vest” protesters, who called her a “traitor” and said she was “on the side of Hitler”.

The MP for Broxtowe, who has been a prominent advocate for a second referendum, was confronted outside parliament on Wednesday.

In a video posted on social media, Soubry was shouted at by at least two men wearing high-visibility jackets, a symbol of the French ‘gilet jaunes’ protesters.

One man accused Soubry of being “on the side of Adolf Hitler”, whilst another shouted at her that “traitors like you were told what the people felt”.

Two police officers appeared to step in, standing between the protesters and the MP, and escorted her down the street.

During the confrontation, anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray, also known as the “Stop Brexit man”, tried to step in to defend Soubry.

Writing on twitter, Mr Bray wrote: “Anna Soubry is no traitor. How can this behaviour make anybody proud to be British?”


'They undermine British democracy'

Soubry has since publicly thanked the police officers involved.

“Would like to thank the two police officers who were very kind and also had to put up with abuse," she said. 

He also thanked Mr Bray for his help, described him as "brave". 

“Thank you Steve for coming to help today. You’re a wonderful campaigner & brave too,” she said.

“This group of thugs targeted a number of people outside Parliament today including journalists going about their work.

“They also blocked gates. They undermine British democracy.”


'Solidarity with Anna Soubry' 

MPs from both sides of the House of Commons came out in support of the Conservative MP and condemned the behaviour.

Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston described Soubry as “courageous”.

“Shocking that courageous MPs like Anna Soubry have to face this kind of intimidation just for telling it as it is,” she wrote on twitter. “All being whipped up deliberately in parts of press.”

Labour MP David Lammy wrote: “This kind of nasty aggressive behaviour towards an elected representative is reprehensible. Particularly a woman. Solidarity with Anna Soubry.”

Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow said people had the right to make their case “without being followed in the street”.

She said: “This is horrifying Anna Soubry! Wherever people stand on Brexit you have a right to make your case without being followed in the street and having traitor shouted at you and being told you agree with Hitler!”