Anna Soubry tells Tory Brexiteers: I represent the true Conservative policy on the EU

Monday, February 12, 2018

Anna Soubry told Tory Brexiteers that she represents the party's long-established position on Europe during a debate with Julia Hartley-Brewer this morning.

Soubry also insisted she is not pushing for a second referendum and denied she was ignoring the wishes of her constituents by speaking out in favour of staying in the single market.

The MP for Broxtowe has regularly criticised the Government's approach to Brexit, and voted in favour of an amendment by Dominic Grieve to give Parliament a much bigger say in the negotiations.

Nonetheless, Soubry said she remains loyal to her party.

"I'm a Tory and I've been a Tory all my life," Soubry said Julia. "Some people might find this a bit sad. My politics haven't changed in 40 years.

"My views on the European Union were absolutely the policy and the views of the Conservative party for 50 years.

"So after 50 years of being absolutely in accordance with Conservative Party policy, I am now a rebel. I think that speaks volumes."

Despite her criticism of Brexit, Soubry said she is "not convinced" by the demand for a second vote to establish whether Britain leaves the European Union.

She added that it is vital that "we all now move on and try and end the division and try and make sure we get the very best of what I think is the wrong decision, but I respect the decision and the result of the referendum."

Turning to the wishes of her constituents, Soubry said that while the people of Broxstowe voted Brexit by a narrow majority, she represents all her constituents, not just those who want the EU.

She also pointed to fellow Parliamentarians like John Redwood, who have backed Brexit despite holding pro-Remain seats, 

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