Anne Marie Waters: Former Ukip leadership candidate demands apology over 'racist' headline

Anne Marie Waters believes the MK Citizen has 'slandered' her

Anne Marie Waters has called for an apology against the MK Citizen

Monday, November 27, 2017

A former Ukip leadership candidate is demanding an apology after a regional newspaper allegedly branded her new group "racist."

Anne Marie Waters has hit out at the MK Citizen, a newspaper which covers Milton Keynes, over its reporting of a forthcoming demonstration by her new group For Britain.

The headline of the article, which was published last week and is still available online, reads "Far right rally to be held at secret venue in Milton Keynes." Waters alleges the word initially used to describe the rally was "racist" before being switched to "far right" by the paper's editorial team.

The politician has used Twitter to demand an apology, asking: "Why did you change the headline from "racist" to "far-right" @mk-citizen? Will I receive an apology for your initial slander? Or indeed your present slander?"

Waters quit Ukip shortly after contesting the party's leadership election earlier this year, which she lost to former military man Henry Bolton.

Critics have previously described Waters as islamophobic, citing her description of the Muslim faith as "evil." She has previously founded Sharia Watch UK and the UK branch of the European anti-Islam movement Pegida.

However Water's For Britain movement declares on its website: "We are not far-right, we are not far-left, we are simply the decent majority who want our social values intact."