Anne Wafula Strike: Public transport disabled access just not good enough, says campaigner Sian Vasey

Anne Wafula Strike was forced to wet herself on a train

Anne Wafula Strike speaking at an event

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A prominent disability rights campaigner has claimed public transport in the UK continues to fall far short of disabled people's needs.

This claim comes after Paralympian Anne Wafula Strike MBE told The Guardian she was forced to wet herself on a train with no acccessible toilet.

She told the newspaper: "I was completely robbed of my dignity. I would like to ask the company if I could have my dignity back?

"As a disabled person, I've worked hard to build up my confidence and self-belief. Having access to a toilet is one of the most basic rights."

Sian Vasey, a prominent disability rights campaigner, told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "The old disability discrimination act says that all transport must be accessible by 2015, and while it is, it’s just not accessible enough. 

"There are ways in which it falls horribly short. We have the promise, but it often doesn’t work out in practice and it’s not acceptable.

"It’s imperative public transport maintain their toilets."