Anne Widdecombe: 'It's high time we were harsh on Jihadism'

Anne Widdecombe

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Anne Widdecombe has welcomed a move by the Home Office to revoke the British citizenship of IS teen Shamima Begum.

In an appearance on the breakfast show, the former politician said it was "high time" the UK took a harsher view on Jihadism.

"He [Sajid Javid] has done the right thing," Widdecombe told talkRADIO's Daisy McAndrew.



"She may have been 15 when she went out there, she has matured, she has been a mother three times over, she has matured in a war zone, and yet she'll still spout Jihadi rubbish."

Widdecombe revealed she had just one "light qualm" around Shamima Begum's case.

"We are beinging the force of the law on this girl, and I think that's right, but we've got loads of other Jihadis who have returned and are roaming around," she said.

"It is time someone got very tough on the entire situation for the sake of us all. Citizens are in danger."