Anthony Scaramucci: Melania has ‘quiet influence’ over Trump

Anthony Scaramucci has remained close with the Trumps

Friday, June 21, 2019

Anthony Scaramucci has defended Melania Trump, urging critics “do not underestimate her intelligence”.

Mrs Trump has been criticised for taking a less active role in the White House than her predecessor Michelle Obama.

But the former White House insider told talkRADIO’s Dan Wootten the first lady has a “quiet influence” over her husband.

“I would say to you do not underestimate her intelligence, or her judgement or her ability to sway the president,” he said.

“I found her in many campaign situations where he leaned on her.”

He added: “You don’t ever really know their true story but they’ve been successfully married for over two decades now, and if it works for them God bless.”

Mr Scaramucci served as the White House director of communications for a tumultuous ten days in 2017 before he was fired by Mr Trump.

He also spent time with the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

He believes Democrats could be making a mistake if they choose frontrunner Joe Biden as their 2020 presidential nominee.

“What I have found in Democratic politics in the United States is that when they choose young leadership they do better. Whether it’s Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter,” he said.

“Even though Biden seems like an obvious choice the way to really get Democratic voting turnout to be enthusiastic is to go with a younger candidate.”

Despite this he said Mr Trump is preparing to run against the former vice president.

“The president thinks he’s running against Joe Biden. The president is looking at the calculus of the other potential people and he’s saying they would be crazy to put somebody up other than Joe Biden," he said.

“Joe Biden has name recognition, he has a lot of credibility. He could build a very similar coalition to what president Obama built in 2008 and 2012.”

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