Anthony Scaramucci 'pulled out a shotgun and he's brought the whole house down'

'Anthony Scaramucci's priority is settling scores with those who kept him from a job in January', says politics professor

Anthony Scaramucci is Donald Trump's new communications director

Friday, July 28, 2017

Anthony Scaramucci "pulled out a shotgun and started firing everywhere" in his incredible interview with the New Yorker, according to an international politics professor.

Scott Lucas also likened Trump's new press chief to Harvey Keitel's character Mr Wolf in a passionate declamation of Scaramucci.

Lucas was speaking after Scaramucci said he wanted to "kill all the leakers" and accused chief of staff Reince Priebus of being a “paranoid fucking schizophrenic” in his interview with the New Yorker.

Lucas told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "There’s a character played by Harvey Quentin Tarantino's films, Mr Wolf.

"He’s going to clean everything up, as he said in his addition appearance.

"What he did [with the interview] is simply pull out a shotgun and start firing everywhere he could and he’s bought the whole house down.

"His number one to settle scores with other people...who kept him from getting a job in January.

"First he declared war on the chief of accusing him of leaking sensitive information. He said he was going to get the FBI. He said all the leakers will be fired.

"He’s coming into play like he’s going to be the godfather. Now what he’s done is he’s made the administration a laughing stock."

Lucas also said "Trump brought him in because Trump’s going into the bunker, because of the Russia investigation and because of the failure of the healthcare bill.

"He is now cutting out people like his chief of staff and he’s relying on family and their contacts."

Julia suggested Scaramucci is simply a diversionary tactic from Trump, but the interview disagreed.

Lucas said: "I’ve heard this for months... this clever master strategy to say 'look over there.

"Trump fires off these volleys, about, for example, his hatred of his attorney general. Then, for example, saying without consulting anybody that transgender people can’t serve.

"The American media and people now aren’t so [easily] diverted by something shiny. It’s like either Scaramucci or healthcare. [But] both of these stories are going to run.

"What it shows is you have a White House in chaos and it cannot get things done."

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