Anti-Brexit activists stage duck-themed protest at ‘Back Boris HQ’

Anti-Brexit activists flood outside ‘Back Boris HQ’ with 2000 ducks

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Anti-Brexit campaigners poured 2,000 plastic ducks outside a building they believed to be Boris Johnson's campaign office, in protest at the leadership hopeful's “ducking” of media appearances. 

The 20-strong group from Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) said they were "frustrated" at the leadership frontrunner's refusal to debate rival Jeremy Hunt on television.

They emptied thousands of small yellow ducks onto the street, chanting: "BoJo no show! BoJo no show!”.

However, the location was not the same campaign office talkRADIO attended with Mr Johnson earlier this week, but protesters were adamant they were at the right location.

Activist Patrick O'Donnell from York University dressed up as Mr Johnson with a mask and blond wig, and sat among the ducks waving Union Jack flags. 

“We are here today to show how angry we are that he is not getting the proper scrutiny he needs,” he said.

The anti-Brexit campaigners shouting 'BoJo no show!' 

Co-president of OFOC, Will Dry, told talkRADIO that Mr Johnson was refusing to confront “the hard facts of Brexit”. 

“Every single plan he has set out for Brexit so far is complete junk. He is not realistic at all,” he said. 

“We are here to tell him to stop ducking these issues, stop ducking the British people, give us some honest answers and then we might actually have some respect for you.”

And OFOC chief spokesperson, Femi Oluwole, said that Mr Johnson's refusal to debate Mr Hunt was "completely unacceptable". 

“We want to see those two people coming up against each other. If he can’t negotiate against Jeremy Hunt, how is he going to deal with 27 countries?” he said. 

In his exclusive interview with talkRADIO on Tuesday, Mr Johnson said that if he becomes the next Conservative leader, he will ensure the UK leaves the EU on October 31 “do or die, come what may”.

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