Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller: 'I've been threatened with beatings and acid attacks'

'I was threatened with beheading, acid attacks' - Gina Miller reveals extent of online abuse in supporting CPS crackdown

The businesswoman praised the CPS for their move

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gina Miller has praised the Crown Prosecution Service for initiating a crackdown on social media abuse.

The businesswoman has been in the public eye after bringing a high-profile court challenge to ensure the Government was authorised by Parliament to trigger Article 50 and kick-start Brexit negotiations.

Since then, she has been subjected to online abuse over various forms of social media.

In an interview with James Whale and Ash Gould, Miller welcomed the move by the CPS, revealing the extent of the vile abuse she'd received. 

She said: "My family being killed in front of my eyes, the fact I should be beheaded, acid attacks, the fact I should be gang-raped... it goes on and on.

"I was expecting some backlash, but I wasn’t aware of how commonplace it was for people to think its okay to say 'we’ll have you gang-raped, killed, your family tortured.' Those are lines crossed.

"Alison Saunders and the CPS were very brave, because they’re more responsible than the politicans.

"They experience this all the time, but haven’t moved things on and been vocal enough about what’s happening on social media.

“Calling others out takes strength, it’s not a weakness.”

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