Anti-Brexit campaigner receives death threats over dancing videos

James posts the dancing videos on Twitter

Monday, July 22, 2019

An anti-Brexit campaigner says he has received "hundreds" of rape and death threats for posting videos of himself dancing online.

Twenty-four-year-old James performs a new dance everytime there is a notable piece of political news, occasionally donning a 'Stop Brexit' shirt in his videos.

But the Bolton-based campaigner says he fears for the safety of his family after receiving numerous threats from online trolls.

"I have had hundreds of rape and death threats and if just one of those is serious and they try to find me, I'm frightened for my family," he told talkRADIO.

"I just wanted to bring positivity to politics, as there is so much negativity, especially in the last few years."

One of his most successful dance videos was posted earlier this month, after political activist Tommy Robinson was found in contempt of court.

The caption read: "After hearing the excellent news that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson has now been sentenced and will be going to jail I just had to celebrate! Dancing to Jailhouse Rock! #TommyRobinsonBackToJail".

The clip has 423 retweets and 2,400 shares, but attracted scores of negative comments.

However, James was also inundated with messages of support, including one from Countdown star Rachel Riley, and another from Lib Dem leadership candidate, Ed Davey.

"There's so much nastiness and abuse in politics now and I won't partake in it. I show everyone love, even my critics," James said.

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