Anti-fascists mock EDL and claim only 20 'drunken racists' turned up to Peterborough march

The EDL march has been mocked by anti-fascist protesters

The EDL march has been mocked by anti-fascist protesters

Monday, October 23, 2017

A leading anti-fascist group which opposed an English Defence League demonstration on Saturday has mocked the far-right group, claiming it is in a "terminally ill" condition.

Unite Against Fascism has issued a triumphant statement on Saturday's clash in Peterbrough, claiming only 20 demonstrators turned up for the EDL and most were "drunken racists."

The UAF account reads: "Protesters gathered to show solidarity against the fascist EDL, who only managed to muster around 20 people to their national demonstration. This was marginally bigger than their recent attempt in Essex, which was cancelled due to less than 10 wanting to march. However, the near--terminal condition of the EDL must be clear to even the most pigheaded of its followers

"The EDL’S rally featured no speakers, and was noticable for the absence of the  so called leadership of Crossland and Spence. Drunken racists staggered around their pen whilst one fascist tried and failed to stimulate interest among the few there. He failed.

"The EDL limped home and were mocked by passers by and anti fascists. The leadership were attacked by the few who had bothered to attend and more internal rows following this latest debacle have followed. Other fascists are mocking the EDL and wondering why they bother."

The UAF also reports that local MP Fiona Onasanya led chants against the EDL, while Muslim community Israr Khan provided food and drink for the counter-demonstrators.

Witnesses have also mocked the EDL demonstration, claiming some participants chanted "Yorkshire, Yorkshire" - even though they were around 70 miles away from the country.

The EDL, for its part, has pointed to an account by Peterbrough today, which claims around 30 members of the group took part.

The far-right movement has also posted several images of the protest, featuring speeches from members who claimed the EDL isn't racist and equated Communism and Fascism.