Anti-fascists promise to oppose EDL march in Doncaster

The UAF has promised to oppose tomorrow's counter-demo (Facebook/UAF)

The UAF has promised to oppose tomorrow's counter-demo (Facebook/UAF)

Friday, January 19, 2018

Anti-fascists have promised to oppose a march by the English Defence League scheduled to take place in Doncaster tomorrow.

Members of the far-right group plan to gather at noon in Hexthorpe, which has reportedly seen a large influx of Roma immigrants.

A post on the EDL's facebook page says the event is intended "to make a stand, to show the residents of Hexthorpe have had enough.

"Had enough of seeing the place they call home become a no go zone. Had enough of living in fear in their homes."

It isn't clear how many people will be attending the EDL march. The islamophobic group, previously led by Tommy Robinson, has been mocked in recent years for the paucity of followers it attracts.

Nonetheless anti-fascist groups are promising to mount their own counter-demo. Unite Against Fascism tweeted a message of good luck this afternoon, saying "best to all opposing the fascist rump."

UAF and other left-wing groups regularly hold counter-demos during EDL marches, and clashes have regularly resulted.