Anti-Semitism Campaigner: 'Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister is frightening'

Thursday, August 2, 2018

A spokesperson for the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has said Jeremy Corbyn shouldn’t “be a member” of the Labour Party or its "leader."

The Labour leader apologised on Wednesday for his involvement in hosting an event in 2010 at which a Holocaust survivor compared the Israeli government to that of the Nazis.

Corbyn’s event was held on the same day as Holocaust Memorial Day in Parliament and featured a speech from Hajo Meyer who made the comments about Israel.

In a statement released yesterday, the Labour leader said he ‘completely rejects’ the views and apologised for sharing a platform with people with those views.

Talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO Joe Glasman, a spokesperson for Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, has suggested Corbyn shouldn’t be “a member” of the Labour party.

“I don’t think you can do what Corbyn’s done and claim you haven’t brought the party into disrepute,” he said.

“I can barely see how the Labour party could justify him, he shouldn’t even be a member, let alone a leader of the opposition, and some of these things are truly awful. We think of the 2010 event, which he organised and staged in parliament itself on Holocaust memorial day, which was part of a tour called From Auschwitz to Gaza.”

According to Glasman, Corbyn was warned of what would happen if he held this event, in which he “shrugged.”

“I’ve seen the emails. He was given an explicit warning of what would happen, in fact the person involved said you know what’s going to happen, and he does what Corbyn does in these circumstances and shrugged.”

In his political career, Corbyn has been criticised for his alleged ties to the Palestinian group Hamas.

“Corbyn has lived his whole political life in an Alice In Wonderland world, where he thinks Islamist groups like Hamas - who are genocidally anti-Semitic, gay killing misogynists - can be described as progressives pursuing social justice.

“Similarly Jews who seek the right to self-determine in Israel, the home land and a place of safety, in his eyes, and in his followers eyes, are colonist, imperialist racist.

“The horrible truth is that everybody can now see that he believes in these perverted views, and the consequence of what happens when somebody who holds those views becomes the leader of her majesty’s opposition are becoming clear.”

Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, said to Hartley-Brewer on Tuesday that Jews are fearful of a Labour government under Corbyn.

Glasman holds the same view, saying that it’s a “frightening” thought.

“It is a sad truth and people are talking; they are quietly in their own minds packing their bags. The thought of Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader, the Prime Minister of this country and to me - I was a Labour party member and supporter until recently – is very frightening.

“His whole worldview, at its very root is, I think it’s best going back to the Brick Lane mural where he saw hooked nose Jewish bankers and neo-Nazi images, and he couldn’t see anything wrong with it. That alone brought Jews out on the streets and they realised what kind of person they’re dealing with.”