Antisemitism a 'genuine political crisis' for Labour

Jeremy Corbyn

Monday, March 11, 2019

Accusations of antisemitism within the Labour party could spell the end for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership,  according to Mail on Sunday columnist and former Labour activist Dan Hodges.

A number of leaked emails revealed members of Mr Corbyn’s inner circle directly intervened in investigations of individual members accused of antisemitism , something the Labour leadership has always denied.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer, Mr Hodges said the evidence that Mr Corbyn’s team appeared to “intervene, delay, and neutralise investigations into individual antisemitism cases” spelled trouble for the leadership.



Mr Hodges said: “I think this issue of what role Corbyn has and his team has in managing antisemitism cases will become a very, very serious and genuine political crisis for Jeremy Corbyn.

“There are a number of Corbyn supporters who are starting to realise that the antisemitism crisis is not going to go away and is too deeply embedded in the Labour Party and too deeply embedded as part of Jeremy Corbyn’s own leadership.

“What I’m starting to pick up from people who are normally strong Corbyn allies is a sense that this has maybe gone too far now and that if maybe they want to protect the Corbynite project they’re going to have to find someone else to lead it.”


Seamus Milne and Jeremy Corbyn at last year's Labour conference. 


Emails revealed in the Times last week showed that key aides, including Mr Corbyn’s director of strategy Seamus Milne, had interfered in individual cases to protect members from suspension.

The revelations came after the Equality and Human Rights Commission, an independent body established by the previous Labour government, announced it may launch a formal investigation into the Labour Party over claims of antisemitic discrimination.