'Any normal Prime Minister would resign - Theresa May is a limpet', says Lord Peter Lilley

Theresa May

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Theresa May is a "limpet" who "does not get dislodged from her rock very easily", Lord Peter Lilley has claimed.

The former Conservative Party deputy leader made the comments on the James Whale show, during a discussion about the Prime Minister's "appalling" Brexit deal.

"Any normal Prime Minister in the past would resign if they lost a piece of legislation like it looks she's going to lose," Lord Lilley said.



"Theresa May seems to be a limpet. She doesn't get dislodged from her rock very easily so she'll find some way, I suspect, to continue on."

The politician added that he wanted to see someone with "a more determined approach to negotiation" taking over as Prime Minister.

"Ultimately, she has said she will go before the next election and hopefully will be replaced by someone who has a got a more determined approach to negotiation with our friends, neighbours and other countries across the world."