Apple iPhone 7: Public's excitement is waning, says technology expert

Apple iPhone 7: 'The excitement in the general public is certainly diminishing', says technology expert

The new Apple airbuds connect wirelessly to the iPhone 7

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The excitement for new Apple products is said to be diminishing despite the launch of the new iPhone 7 yesterday.

Tech journalist Josh White puts this down to the fact that "people do get sick of being told they need to shell out nearly £1000 every year for a new phone."

The new model has two speakers, meaning users can listen in stereo, and it also comes in a plus size. Other features include an improved camera and water-resistance.
But the biggest news about the phone is "There is no headphone jack on the new iPhone," according to White.

"Apple are saying you've got to use their new connector. The airbuds are two wireless buds, which also sounds to me like something which can roll under the seat of a train.

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