'The Apprentice contestants' egos keep growing until they realise they're not the best', says Karren Brady

'The Apprentice contestants' egos get bigger and bigger, until they realise they're not the best person', says Karren Brady

Karren Brady revealed why she loves The Apprentice (Getty)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Karren Brady has revealed why she's still starring in The Apprentice after six series with the show, while 2015 runner-up Vana Koutsomitis told talkRADIO she is continuing with her business idea.

The new series of The Apprentice begins tonight on BBC One, with 18 new candidates hoping to become Alan Sugar's £250,000 investment.

Reporter Rachel Jewell was joined by Brady, one of Lord Sugar's key lieutenants on the show, who told her: "The reason I stay with it is I love it, I love the difference of it, I love the process of it, I love the fact that Alan has set up so many people in business.

"This type of show attracts people who are wannnabe entrepreneurs," she added. "Their egos just get bigger and bigger, and very quickly they start to realise they're not the best person in the room."

Paul Ross was also joined by last year's runner-up Koutsomitis, who revealed she's "In the process of developing Date Play," the business idea she pitched in the show.

Looking back on her time as a contestant, she said: "the biggest cringe moment was when I was basically being ordered around by Rich in the kitchen. You look back at it and think 'wait, why was I listening to his command?'"

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