Archeologists find settlement 'where three of Jesus' apostles lived'

Archaeologists find settlement 'where three of Jesus' apostles lived'

Archeologists think they have found the Roman city of Julias

Monday, August 7, 2017

Archeologists in Israel believe they have found a settlement where three of Jesus' apostles are said to have lived.

The settlement, believed to be the Roman city of Julias, has been found near the sea of Galilee at the Bethsaida Valley Nature Reserve, according to Haaretz

The reason archeologists think the location was a city is because they have found what they think is a Roman-style bathhouse. 

Dr Mordechai Aviam, from Kinneret College, told Haaretz that a ancient Jewish historian named Josephus Flavius mentioned the city, claiming that King Philip Herod, the son of King Herod mentioned in the bible, "upgraded Bethsaida from a village into a polis, a proper city. He didn't say it had been built on or beside or underneath it.

"All this time, we have not known where it was. But the bathhouse attests to the existence of urban culture."

The bible names three of Jesus' followers as Philip, Andrew and Peter in the gospel of John, and says they were from a town called Bethsaida, Newsweek reports.

The Roman bathhouse is 211 metres below sea level and archaeologists have also discovered a mosaic and pottery sheds from the Roman era there.

They also found two coins, one of which dates from the end of the second century and another with the Emperor Nero on it, believed to be from 65-66 CE.

This research also shows the sea of Galilee was probably lower than first thought in Roman times.