Armed police on the streets of London isn't the new norm, says union boss Ken Marsh

'It's not the new norm to have armed officers on the streets in day-to-day life', says Metropolitan Police Federation

The London New Year's Eve Fireworks will be held on Saturday night

Friday, December 30, 2016

London will be heavily protected by armed officers on New Year's Eve - but worried residents can rest assured this is only a temporary thing.

That's according to Ken Marsh, chairman of the Police Federation, who said London's fireworks display will be ringed by armed guards as there's no other way to police such a large event.

Speaking to James Max, Marsh said: "You can’t forget what’s taken place recently in Europe, we are conscious of that. I would not like to see the public feel in any way unsafe and not able to go out.

“More armed officers are on the streets than have been on the streets previous to this year, [and] certain checkpoint areas are in place."

Armed police are a common sight on the streets of Paris and other major cities in mainland Europe. But Marsh said: “It’s not the new norm [to have office with guns patrolling the British capital]."

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