Army of python bounty hunters drafted in to fight Florida snake invasion

Snake hunters to be hired in Florida to cull burmese pythons

Burmese pythons will be culled in the Everglades (Stock image)

Friday, March 10, 2017

A total of 25 snake hunters are to be hired by the South Florida Water Management District to tackle an investation of Burmese pythons.

The agency wants to cull the species as they are affecting wildlife in the Everglades wetland, according to CNN.

Conservation biologist Joe Wasilewski told WPLG that the pythons "are literally eating their way through the Everglades of our native wildlife."

The pilot project will cost $175,000 (£144,000) and last for two months. The hunters will earn varying amounts dependent upon the snakes they kill.

Fifty dollars (£41) will be paid for pythons up to 4 feet long, with an additional $25 (£20) for each foot in length after this. An extra $100 (£82) will be paid per python with a nest of eggs.

Last year amateur hunters were asked to catch the snakes and bring them to a specific site to be killed. The python's skin and meat would then be sold.

The reason that there are so many pythons in the Everglades is because people who own them as pets often release them there - and this has caused major problems in recent years.