Article 50: James Max clashes with Remainer who believes we can still stop Brexit

Brexit: James Max argues with The New European Editor Matt Kelly over the EU before formal beginning of Article 50

The New European editor argued with our host ahead of the formal declaration to leave

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A prominent europhile has suggested there's still time for Britain to change its mind on Brexit - prompting a heated clash with James Max.

Theresa May has formally notified the European Union of Britain's decision to leave, signing a letter which has been handed to European Council president Donald Tusk.

The missive marks the beginning of the formal two-year negotiation period. 

Some have suggested Britain will be better off economically once it leaves the EU, but Matt Kelly, editor of The New European, ridiculed the notion in his interview with talkRADIO.

He asked James: "Are we saying we're now in a better economic position by handing in our membership to the biggest trading bloc in the world for an opportunity to develop relationships with countries who might not want to trade with us?

"The period of lies and cynical manipulation is over, and people will see it for what it is, and will hopefully ask to change their minds."

Our host challenged him over this, and this led to a passionate exchange of views.

Listen above.