Article 50: MPs leave meeting in protest at 'gloomy' post-Brexit report

MPs leave meeting in protest of 'gloomy' post-Brexit report

The walkout came one day before the formal triggering of Article 50

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pro-leave Tory MPs reportedly stormed out of a committee meeting in protest at a 'gloomy' report on the UK's post-Brexit status on Tuesday.

The gathering had been a private meeting for the Exiting the EU Committee - which counts Michael Gove and John Whittingdale among its number.

A report - as yet unpublished - had been presented on the Article 50 White Paper. 

However, the report was thought to be negative about the upcoming departure from the European Union by a number of pro-Brexit MPs present, and eventually led to a number of them leaving the chamber in protest. 

They complained they hadn't been given enough warning about the report, and there was reportedly a specific dispute surrounding the possibility of leaving the EU with no deal.

The meeting took place before Theresa May formally triggered Britain's departure from the EU earlier today.