Article 50 vote: Diane Abbott was in the Commons that day, despite not voting, says political journalist

Article 50 vote: 'Dianne Abbott was in the House of Commons that day, despite not voting', says political commentator

Diane Abbott did not vote on the Article 50 bill

Friday, February 3, 2017

Diane Abbott was at the House of Commons on the day of the Article 50 vote, despite not taking part, says a leading political commentator. 

The Labour MP and shadow home secretary has been accused of cowardice from fellow MPs after she missed the Article 50 vote on Wednesday, with claims that she was too ill. 

Political commentator for The Independent John Rentoul told James Whale: “Not voting was a perfectly reasonable thing to do. This is a special case where Labour argued for Remain and the referendum went the other way. If she’s ill she’s ill.

"The question is whether it was a tactical illness?"

Abbott was seen in the pub the night before the vote, and Rentoul says "she was actually around the House of Commons" the day it took place.

Rentoul went on to suggest that perhaps Abbott was positioning herself in the event of a fresh split in the Labour party, which could happen over the final Brexit vote next week.

talkRADIO is awaiting a reply from Diane Abbott's representatives over the claims made in this article.

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