Article 50 vote: Tory MP Alistair Burt hints he'll rebel if David Davis doesn't guarantee 'no deal' vote

Brexit: "There's no clarity on whether meaningful vote applies in the event of no EU deal', says MP Alistair Burt

The Article 50 bill has returned to the House of Commons for its most important stage

Monday, March 13, 2017

A prominent Tory MP has hint he might vote against the Government in today's Article 50 vote if David Davis fails to offer sufficient clarity on any future Brexit vote.

Alistair Burt said he wanted the Brexit minister to offer a verbal guarantee that there will be a final vote on the Brexit negotiations, even if they fail to yield an agreement.

Mr Davis has already promised that MPs will get a vote on any deal negotiated with Brussels, but the House of Lords has amended the Article 50 bill to demand the Government makes this a written guarantee.

The Lords has also introduced a clause obliging the Government to guarantee the rights of EU nationals. Both amendments are to be put before the Commons today.

Burt, a former Foreign Office minister who voted Remain in the EU referendum, said he would vote against the EU nationals amendment, but would wait and see before deciding how to vote on the vote amendment.

He told Julia: "We already have verbal assurance from the Prime Minister there will be a meaningful vote before the final deal is done, and I’m happy with that.

"However, there’s been a lack of clarity on whether this also applies in the event that no agreement is made. The House of Lords amendment covers this. 

"I’m interested to see if the minister [David Davis] can give us the same verbal assurance there will be a vote, deal or no deal.

"Securing an agreement should be the top of all our agendas. Parliament has a role to play, and should endorse what the PM brings back at the end of the negotiations."

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