Asda slammed for 'sexist' boys top: 'It could impact kids' mental health'

Asda slammed for 'sexist' boys top featuring definition of 'boy'

The top features a definition of 'boy'

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Asda has been criticised for selling a "sexist" boys' top, which one mother suggests might have a negative effect on the mental health of children.

The front of the £2.50 long-sleeved top gives a definition of the word boy, claiming boys should dig up dirt and be loud, according to The Mirror.

It says: "Boy, noun: 1. Digger of dirt, noise maker, lots of mischief. See also: 'handsome', 'cool'."

However many have expressed their disgust at the item. One mother, Liann Weir, tweeted that today's generation are being raised to "think they should be/think or feel a certain way because of the messages they receive in ways like this.

"When they don’t/can’t conform to stereotypes like this their mental health can suffer."

Anti-gender stereotypes campaign Let Toys Be Toys also tweeted that the top "sends an unhelpful message to both boys and girls about how they should behave."

A spokesperson for Asda has responded by saying: “Our aim is to make clothes people love, never to offend.”

This is not the only time the supermarket has come under fire for its boys clothing. Last year many were outraged at a top which carried the legend "boys will be boys."

Again it was slammed as sexist and promoting gender stereotypes, yet the quote is still in use on another top sold by Asda.