'Asking Jeremy Corbyn if he's going to resign due to poll ratings is idiotic' says supporter Aaron Bastani

'Asking Jeremy Corbyn if he's going to resign due to polls is idiotic', says Novara Media

Jeremy Corbyn was asked about resigning in an interview

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Asking Jeremy Corbyn whether he will resign as Labour leader is idiotic as he's won two leadership elections, says supporter Aaron Bastani.

Mr Corbyn gave an interview to ITV this afternoon, during which he was asked whether he'd resign due to poor poll ratings - a question which drew the ire of the veteran left-winger.

Bastani, the co-founder of Novara Media, told Sam Delaney it's not surprising that Corbyn was angered by the question as the framing of it was "just idiotic, because he’s won two leadership elections."

But Sam argued that the question was reasonable because "each time he gets asked this question" the polls are lower. He also added that his team calls "Jeremy Corbyn most weeks and he hasn’t come on here once."

Bastani then admitted that Labour are "not good at lots of stuff, including media," however he admitted that the media's "emphasis on the theatrics of the Labour party" is a problem.

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