#AskMay: Twitter grills Prime Minister ahead of Jeremy Corbyn debate

Monday, May 29, 2017

Forget Jeremy Paxman - Theresa May's already getting a gruelling grilling from the denizens of Twitter, led by shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

The hashtag #AskMay was trending this afternoon, hours before the Prime Minister faces off against Jeremy Corbyn tonight -  well, they're not going to face off directly, but back-to-back interviews with Jeremy Paxman is as close to a live debate as May's prepared to go.

May goes into the big event on the back of slumping poll figures, with critics tearing into her and her Tory colleagues over the apparent holes in their manifesto, and the u-turn over social care.

Corbyn, meanwhile, has faced his own storm of criticism following his headline speech on terrorism on Friday. Nonetheless, the Labour leader appears to be carrying all the momentum ahead of tonight's TV showdown.

Many of the #AskMay questions have centred on Brexit, but the Twitterati have been throwing out all kinds of queries - and they certainly haven't held back in their criticism of the Prime Minister.

McDonnell asked a series of six questions, echoing the format of Prime Minister's Questions, where the Opposition are allowed to fire a total of six queries at the PM. You can read all his questions, together with a selection of teasers from other Twitter users, below: