Attractive people are more likely to vote for Theresa May than Jeremy Corbyn, says researcher

'Attractive people are right-wing as they've had less struggles in life', says researcher

Research shows attractive people are often right-wing

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Attractive people are more likely to vote for the Conservatives than Labour as they don't struggle as much as unattractive people in life, according to a researcher. 

Research has found attractive people have a tendency to be more right-wing, meaning less attractive people may be swayed by the sort of policies espoused by Jeremy Corbyn.

Sophie Jarvis, a research associate at think tank The Entrepreneurs Network, told Jamie East and Saira Khan there is real weight to the research. 

"I think as I said the report suggests that attractive people will be more right-wing," Jarvis said, "and this is because they don’t struggle as much as not very attractive people do in life.

Saira agreed and said "good looks does account for a lot of good advantages and opportunities in life."

Jarvis also thinks "if beautiful people are more successful they’re normally wealthier and therefore they’re more likely to vote for parties [who work in their interests]." 

However Jamie thought the research was "nonsense", and Jarvis slightly undermined her credibility as an authority by saying that she'd never date a socialist no matter how clever they are.

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