Australian authorities discover packages filled with 94 native reptiles

Australian authorities discover packages filled with 94 native reptiles

Packages included a king brown snake (Stock image)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Australian authorities have discovered six parcels which contained 94 native reptiles, including venomous snakes.

The parcels were intended to be sent through the postal system, according to The Independent.

Inside the packages found by wildlife officers in Kalgoorlie were snakes like the Venomous Death Adder, King Brown, Whip snake, Stimson's python, Barking Gecko, and Bobtail Lizard.

Authorities believe the animals had been packed by smugglers who wanted to sell them in Australia in the black market.

It is thought that some of the animals could have been sold for around £90,000.

Five of the animals which had been kept in plastic containers died.

Wildlife officer Matt Swan said the act was "cruel and inhumane" and added that "these reptiles are subject to rough and tumble, extreme temperatures, [it can get] quite cold, can also get quite hot, and this has a detrimental effect on their health and can kill them."

He also said that because the packaging was not secure the animals may have been able to escape and could have posed a serious threat which could have been fatal to those moving the packages around.

No arrests have been made in relation to the packages but an investigation is underway.

Removing animals from the wild can result in a fine of up to £12,000 for each species, and there were 21 species in the packages.