Austrian deputy mayor invites constituents for town hall meeting in the sauna

Austrian deputy mayor invites constituents for business meeting in the sauna

The deputy mayor of a municipality in Austria has invited his constituents to discuss their problems in the sauna

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

One politician in Austria has come up with an, ahem, 'interesting' place to hold his constituency meetings. 

Deputy Mayor Gerhard Kroiss, whose municipality is Wels in upper Austria, has invited his contituents to discuss their issues with him in a sauna. 

In Austria, most saunas are mixed, and the guests also can be naked if they so choose. 

He said the the main idea behind this initiative was for constituents to discuss and share their views on improvements to the facility, although they are also free to discuss other issues. He insisted the reaction was primarily positive.

The meeting in the sauna is due to take place on Wednesday February 15.