Baby branded 'alien' by locals in India dies a day after birth

Baby branded 'alien' by locals in India dies a day after birth

A baby has died a day after being born (Stock image)

Monday, September 25, 2017

A baby branded an "alien" by locals in India due to his abnormalities has died just a day after being born.

The baby was born on Tuesday (September 19) in Uttar Pradesh. However his face was not properly formed, he had no nose and bulging eyes.

Many locals visited the family home to see the baby, according to Sputnik. His mother Karishma also told The Sun that she was not breastfeeding the baby.

She explained that she'd been spoonfeeding him milk as she found it difficult to breastfeed as he was "staring" at her.

Karishma added: "He was doing fine and slept but did not wake up the next morning. There was no movement; he had not even cried. It was around 4am the next morning."

The father of the baby said the family were heartbroken about the death of the child but questioned "what life would he have lived anyway, had he survived?

"We were thrilled to have a second child and were delighted when we saw it was a boy, but all our joy turned into agony when we saw his face."

The baby's family have said they think the baby's birth was "god's will."

See a video of the baby below