Baby Loss Awareness Week: Julia Hartley-Brewer incredibly moved by service for miscarriage sufferers

Baby loss: 'Incredibly moving Saying Goodbye services allow people to remember lives cut short'

Candles are lit at the services (Stock image)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer was incredibly moved this morning when discussing a special service for those who have suffered miscarriages.

Our host, who has herself suffered four miscarriages, was discussing the Saying Goodbye services with founder Zoe Clarke-Coates, to mark Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Clarke-Coates told Julia that the services allow those who have lost babies "a time a place to just come together and to remember lives cut short."

She explained during the services candles are lit and "we hand the handbells down the lines of people and people can ring them for every child they’ve lost.

"Our babies haven’t made a sound often and people can’t hear them around us so when people ring those bells...everyone can hear that sound."

Julia said "it must be incredibly moving... even as you say it I can feel my eyes watering."

Clark-Coates also explained often men will say "it’s the first time they’ve openly grieved and couples will say to us, because sadly around 70% of relationships breakdown following baby loss.

"So many women will say to us, the fact that just seeing how their husband seems unemotional regarding the loss actually makes them so angry."

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