Baby Loss Awareness Week: Sports Minister Tracey Crouch reveals despair of her miscarriage

Baby Loss Awareness Week: Sports Minister Tracey Crouch reveals full extent of her miscarriage

Tracey Crouch

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monday marked the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week.

To raise awareness of the devastating impacts of miscarriages and other forms of baby loss, Sports Minister Tracey Crouch has given listeners an in-depth account of her own experience. 

Crouch, The MP for Chatham and Aylesford, suffered a miscarriage in the middle of last year's General Election. She told Julia Hartley-Brewer how the event left her despondent.

"We had told a lot of people [about the impending birth]," she revealed. "We were so excited to be expecting our first baby that we told everyone. 

"When we experienced the miscarriage, then we had to tell a lot of people we'd lost the baby and we began to appreciate why the advice is not to tell people until later on in the pregnancy.

"I had convinced myself that my other half was going to leave me because I'd failed to have his baby. I was convinced I was never going to get pregnant again, that was it, our one chance. In part, this was because I was coming up to 40 and my fertility was getting less and less.

"To experience it during the election period was incredibly stressful as well. To experience the physical and emotional pain and have to go out and put a smile on your face was incredibly difficult as well. 

"Things you never normally pay attention suddenly become meaningful, like push-chairs and prams."

Crouch explained how the support she got helped her to deal with it. She also revealed how once she'd spoken publicly about the miscarriage, more people began coming forward.

"It's still a taboo subject in some respects," she added. "I spoke about it anyway, I talked to friends, and I found the support I received from others incredibly helpful to get through the experience."

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