Backlash after Cambridge University introduce women and non-binary only gym sessions


The posters at Girton College advertising the sessions. Image: SWNS

Monday, February 4, 2019

A row has erupted at Cambridge University after posters were put up advertising one hour gym and swimming pool sessions exclusively for women and non-binary people.

The posters, which appeared at the university's Girton College, have since been defaced, with the words "women" and "non-binary" crossed out and replaced with "everyone".

Student news website The Tab also reported that a male student had stood outside during the allotted session in protest.

The posters have since been vandalised. Image: SWNS

The sessions were initiated by the Junior Common Room (JCR) Women's Officer with the support of the Girton College council.

In response to the backlash, Girton's Senior Tutor, Sandra Fulton, emailed students emphasising the College's support of the scheme.

The email read: "It has come to my attention that some students find it contentious that there is a women-only gym and swimming pool hour.

A Facebook post by the JCR Women's Officer regarding the vandalised posters. Image: SWNS

"If anyone has issues with this channel they should make it known by an appropriate channel, which is via me or via your tutor."

The conflict has since intensified on Facebook, with students debating the vandalised posters on the platform.

Some Girton students questioned whether the woman and non-binary hour was an appropriate response to students' needs while others wanted to extend the length of the session.

Although tensions continue to grow online, the woman and non-binary hour is not on course to be repealed.