Backlash against snogging Seann Walsh '1% of what women get all the time'

Backlash against snogging Seann Walsh '1% of what women get all the time'

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mike Graham and Badass Women’s Hour presenter Harriet Minter clashed on air over Strictly Come Dancing’s snogging scandal, with the debate descending into Graham calling Minter “hysterical” when she attempted to explain why contestant Seann Walsh was not a “victim”.

She said the criticism Walsh is receiving for kissing his married dance partner Katya Jones was "1%" of what women face regularly.

Graham began the show with a rant about how men have become an “oppressed minority” and said the backlash against Walsh was an example of the “tyranny of feminism”.

Walsh was subsequently dumped by girlfriend Rebecca Humphries through an open letter on Twitter.


'Tyranny of feminism'

Minter began by saying that she thought Walsh was getting more “flak” because he was a bigger name.

“He’s only the latest example of tyranny of feminism that men are dealing with, you can’t deny it Harriet, this idea men are being treated as equal to women is complete nonsense,” ranted Graham.

“You can say, of course, we need a bit more female importance being put onto stories because women for so long have not been equal to men, but men now can’t do anything right. There is nothing any man can do - we saw with the Kavanaugh stuff in America he was basically guilty until proven innocent…”

The verbal volley took a turn as topic moved away from Strictly Come Dancing and onto Brett Kavanaugh, who was confirmed into the US Supreme Court despite being accused of sexual assault by three women.


'How misogynistic are you?'

Watch: Mike Graham and Harriet Minter discuss the Brett Kavanaugh case

“As far as everyone’s concerned he is guilty, and he’s still got one of the biggest jobs in America,” said Minter.

“How do you know he’s guilty?” Graham challenged.

“In a court of public opinion, we looked at his side of the story, we looked at her side of the story… public opinion found him guilty, but nobody’s actually prosecuted him because if you’re a woman who’s raped you cannot get anyone to prosecute anyone,” Minter responded.

Graham then accused her of being “hysterical” to which she retorted: “Feel free to call me angry, because I am angry. How rude, ignorant and misogynistic are you?”

She added: “It’s a word used to belittle the emotions of women. You used it specifically to belittle my anger. How dare you! You know precisely how you use them which is why you picked that one.”

Co-host Dawn Neesom stepped in, telling Graham: “She’s not hysterical.”

When challenged by Graham on her assertion that women struggle to get their attackers prosecuted, Minter pointed out the statistics that show only 5.7% of reported rapes result in a prosecution.

In addition, it’s estimated only 15% of those who are sexually attacked choose to report it, and data released by the Guardian in September showed that less than a third of young men prosecuted for rape are convicted.


'If you cheat on your partner you're not the victim'

Trying to turn the conversation back to Strictly Come Dancing, Neesom asked if Minter would be watching the show.

“I am, I’m a big Strictly fan so I’m going to be watching it,” she said.

Graham continued to insist Walsh was “the victim” of a backlash.

“Nobody’s the victim here, if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and you cheat on them, you are not the victim, regardless of what happens to you afterwards. You created that situation,” Minter said.

“This is what happens, every single woman who has an affair with someone famous, every single woman who dares in the Daily Mail to ‘flaunt’ her body, this is just life, it’s 21st century media life.”

“It is, and I don’t have a problem with it if it’s done equally, but it isn’t!” Graham retorted.

“You’re totally right Mike, it isn’t done equally. What Seann is getting right now is 1% of what women get all the time,” Minter said.