Backlash from Cornwall locals after bakery unveils vegan version of the Cornish pasty

Vegan Cornish Pasty

Vegan pasty creator Sam Grady, right, with a customer. Image: SWNS

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A bakery in Cornwall has come under fire from locals after unveiling a vegan version of the Cornish pasty.

Sam Grady, the owner of the Cornish Vegan Pasty Company, has created a meat and dairy-free version of the delicacy, featuring wheat-based protein in place of steak.



The product has been at the centre of fierce debate, with residents of Cornwall claiming the vegan product should not be allowed to carry the 'Cornish pasty' name, which is protected by PGI status, meaning only a pasty made the traditional way in Cornwall could be called a Cornish pasty.

The bakery currently produces three versions of the snack; a 'V Cheese and Onion Pasty', 'Mountain Chilli Pasty' and 'Traditional Steak'.


'If it's steak, it ain't vegan'

However, some locals have said they are not happy with the vegan version being called 'Traditional Steak', with Cornish local Malcolm Martyn writing on Facebook: "It’s not traditional steak if there is no b***dy steak in it.

"It’s minced potato peelings, fungus and quorn pasty. Our forefathers and mother’s spinning in their graves."

Another, Ben Paul, wrote: "Eat whatever you like, but don't call it what it isn't. If it's vegan, it ain't steak. If it's steak, it ain't vegan!"

Ms Grady has now announced she will be changing the name of her products to avoid causing further upset.

Speaking to the i, Ms Grady said: "We never wanted to suggest the pasty was anything it wasn’t. It’s just something for people who don’t eat meat. Cornish pasties are something we all love. There’s a growing demand for vegan food.

"I really support the PGI status for Cornish pasties and I think it’s important."