Bake Off's Mary Berry reveals her hangover cure: 'Water and toast with marmite'

'Water and toast with marmite' - Mary Berry reveals her hangover cure

Mary Berry was at the National Television Awards last night

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mary Berry has revealed what she would do to cure a hangover.

Last night at the National Television Awards, talkRADIO reporter Johnny Seifert spoke to the former Great British Bake Off judge about how to handle a hangover.

Berry, who won the award for best TV judge, told him: "I just tell [anyone with a hangover] to stay in bed, I don't cook anything for them.

"If anybody's got a hangover I'll always give them water, lots and lots of water, and toast and marmite or something like that with no butter on, just a little bit on something to keep the tummy going."

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