Bangladeshi toddler born with three legs now able to walk after surgery in Australia

Bangladeshi toddler born with three legs now able to walk after surgery in Australia

Choity Khatun had an operation in Australia (Stock image)

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Bangladeshi toddler who was born with three legs is now able to walk and run after life-changing surgery in Australia, according to her doctor.

It was said that Choity Khatun had little chance of surviving after body parts of her twin had grown inside of her, according to The Express Tribune.

However, last year the Children First Foundation took the three-year-old to Melbourne, Australia and surgeons were able to come up with a plan to reconstruct her body.

Chris Kimber, head of paediatric surgery at Monash Children’s Hospital, said: “A twin had grown out of her pelvis but the twin was only part of a twin.

"The problem is there’s no rule book for this because she’s a very unique individual so you have to try and work out what was where."

Before the operation could be conducted, surgeons examined the girl under anaesthetic and found she had two rectums, vaginas, anuses, and uteruses.

The surgery took place in November and took eight hours, eight doctors were also involved in the operation. 

Doctors carried out a procedure which involved removing what remained of the child's third leg, as some of it had already been removed in Bangladesh. Some of her organs were also removed and reconnected. 

Kimber also said: “We spent three or four months thinking about it, presenting it to other doctors, getting ideas from around the world, and then based on lots of world opinion, we were able to come up with something that clearly works."

The operation has also allowed the girl to become continent.

Her mother Shima Khatun told broadcaster Channel Nine: “Everything is good now, she can play like every baby."