Banker Lynden Scourfield jailed for 11 years for £245m loan scam

'Danny DeVito' lookalike HBOS banker facing jail after sting exposes loans he couldn't pay back

A senior banker has been found guilty of criminal activity relating to agreed loans

Thursday, February 2, 2017

A 'Danny Devito' lookalike banker who paid for yachts and sex parties through a £245 million loan scam has been jailed for 11 years.

Lynden Scourfield, a former HBOS executive in charge of corporate customers in financial difficulty, provided the loans to a variety of struggling small firms, often labelling them 'high risk' even if they hadn't missed any repayments.

Scourfield would then offer to remove the 'high risk' status on condition that they hired two of his conspirators - Michael Bancroft and David Mills - as consultants on huge fees.

A portion of the consultancy fee was then handed over to Scourfield, who would have expensive holidays and sex parties across the globe arranged for him by Bancroft and Mills' company,Quayside Corporate Services (QCS).

Scourfield's trial heard that he kept viagra in a draw in his flat, and one of the sex workers who attended his parties suggested he looked like a Hollywood star - Danny De Vito.

The court also heard that Scourfield and his wife holidayed in Las Vegas and Barbados and once spent over £2,000 in on-board expenses during a cruise.

Scourfield pleaded guilty in August to six counts, including conspiracy to corrupt. He, Bancroft and Mills were among six people found guilty of criminal activity and jailed for a combined total of 47 years.