Banning rugby tackling in school would make things worse, says former England star Jeff Probyn

'People won't learn the correct techniques', says former England prop Jeff Probyn on banning rugby tackles at school

The Sport Collision Injury Collective is calling for rugby tackles to be banned at school

Monday, September 12, 2016

Former England prop Jeff Probyn has claimed banning rugby tackling at school could cause more problems, despite scientists and doctors calling for a ban.

Researchers from the Sport Collision Injury Collective have warned that children are at risk of serious injuries, saying the sport is usually overseen by PE teachers with no specialist training. 

Probyn disagrees with the calls, and told Julia Hartley-Brewer "There's already a phased programme for teaching kids how to play rugby.

"It doesn't involve tackling until they get to an age where they're capable.

"The problem is that if you take tackling out of the game until the age of 18, and then you suddenly introduce adult tackling, you’ve got far greater risks of injuries occurring and far more serious injuries, because people won't learn the techniques.

"They're looking at the way children imitate the stars of the professional game," he added. "You're not actually taught to tackle like that when you're taught rugby as a child."

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