Barack Obama gives final warning on American democracy

Barack Obama gives a final warning on American democracy

Barack Obama

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Barack Obama has delivered a final warning about the growth of "cyncism and polarisation" in American politics if economic opportunities aren't created for all individuals. 

The outgoing president gave his final address yesterday ahead of the inauguration of Donald Trump. 

In the speech, he spoke about the economy, and warned that "stark inequality" is a threat to American democracy.

He said: "Our economy doesn't work as well or grow as fast when a few prosper at the expense of an ever-growing middle class. 

"That's the economic argument, but stark inequality is corrosive to our democratic idea. 

"While the top one percent has amassed a bigger share of wealth than income, too many of our families - in inner cities and rural counties - have been left behind. 

"Those convinced the game is fixed against them because their government only serves the interests of the powerful - that's a recipe for more cyncism and polarisation in our politics. 

"If we don't create opportunities for all people, the disaffection and division which has stalled our progress will only sharpen in years to come."