'Barack Obama isn't finished yet - he'll remain in public life long after he leaves the White House'

'Everyone will miss the decency Barack Obama brought to the role, but he won't leave public life', says Democrats Abroad

Barack Obama made his farewell speech yesterday

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The former vice-chair of Democrats Abroad has told talkRADIO that Barack Obama will remain in public life long after his term as US President is over.

Mr Obama, who made his farewell speech yesterday, has received regular criticism during his eight-year term for a perceived failure to deliver on the hope and promises of his initial election campaign.

However Karin Robinson told talkRADIO that voters of all sides will miss the sheer decency he brought to the role.

Robinson also believes that Obama's farewell speech, which called on Americans to defend their democracy and warned against the growth of cynicism in American politics, demonstrated "a real concern about the trajectory of American politics."

She said she "would be extremely surprised if he left public life entirely," but believes he will continue to be "engaged in public policies." 

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