Barcelona attacks: Fascist politician brandishes anti-Muslim message during minute's silence

Friday, August 18, 2017

A far-right politician in Catalonia faces a firestorm of protest for brandishing an Islamophobic message durinthe minute's silence for yesterday's terror attack.

Josep Anglada, counsellor in the municipality of Vic where a van linked to the attack was discovered, held a poster with the words 'Jihadists out of Catalonia' during the minute's silence.

Footage of the incident shows a fellow politician, counsellor Jaume Colomer, slap the poster of Anglada's hands, leading to a confrontation.

Eventually Anglada and his fellow far-right politicians withdrew their posters.

Anglada has previously stood for Spain's National Front party, and now fronts the Platform for Catalonia, which is known for his extreme anti-immigrant views.

He has courted controversy for pledging allegiance to General Franco, a man reviled in Spain for his treatment of the Catalan people during his 36-year dictatorship.

Anglada told local broadcaster Channel 9: "I wear the eagle - the eagle of the shield of Franco's Spain - in my heart, but politically I've no interest in explaining it."

Earlier this month Anglada was sentenced to two years in prison for sending a series of threatening messages to a minor on Twitter, including one which read "you should be happy, now you're known to the Nazis and Fascists." However sentences of this length are usually suspended in Spain.

Barcelona and the wider Catalan region remains in shock after yesterday's attacks in Las Ramblas and Cambril, which have eft at least 14 people dead. The Las Ramblas incident has been claimed by Islamic State.